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Managing Dissent

After the 2016 presidential election, I had some free time on my hands and decided to watch the election night coverage all the mainstream American networks, cable news channels plus the BBC, ITV and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).  The coverage began with all anchors and guests of every outlet mentioned uniformly expecting a decisive Hillary Clinton victory while wondering whether Donald Trump would accept his defeat.  Progressive and establishment Republican pundits were certain that vindication was at hand.  Trump would be dismissed as an anomaly and would soon be forgotten.  As the evening wore on, joyous anticipation was replaced by nervous laughter and eventually despair.  It turns out that history was not on their side.

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Alex Is Wrong About Peace With North Korea

In addition to guaranteeing perpetual war, Alex's approach to foreign policy resembles high school politics where the clique of self-declared "cool kids" decide who is good enough to join their privileged club. In his view, America is the sole arbiter of who can be considered a "legitimate" leader – on what basis it should occupy such status is unclear. That is at the heart of his critique of Donald Trump's decision to meet Kim. Never mind, the approach advocated by his foreign policy idol Hillary has not yielded any results except North Korea perfecting their nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Never mind that even if Trump had chosen to follow the example of his predecessors Kim would still have legitimacy for the simple reason that he's in power. Perhaps China, the sponsor of the North Korean leader, is the only country that can decide whether Kim has legitimacy - certainly not the United States.

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Time To Repeal And Replace The White House Press Corps

Trump’s frustration with the mainstream media is perfectly understandable. Disproportionate coverage has been given to the Mueller investigation while any news that reflect well on the administration has been given short shrift. It should be clear by now that tweeting “fake news” and “witch hunt” is not going to address the problem. Sarah Sanders reading touching letters from American children to the president or baking pies for the press will not make any difference. The Trump administration needs to accept that his election represents a personal defeat for mainstream media. They truly believe the Trump administration represents a triumph for white supremacy and feel a moral obligation to do everything in their power to destroy it. It’s not rational. It's not fact based. No amount of evidence that the Trump policies are benefiting minority communities more than his predecessor will change their minds.

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