Alex's New Book: Now Available On Amazon

My new book, 'Chaos and Catharsis: 15 Years of Politics, Philosophy, and Passions', an anthology of my writings since 2004, is now available exclusively on Amazon. 

The book draws on nearly two dozen sources. It collects pieces from the American University Eagle, UWIRE, Frum Forum, the Independent Gay Forum, the Daily Caller, the Re-Examiner, the Truth About Lady Gaga blog (I didn't forget about it), Race 4 2012, Liberty News, the Huffington Post, Metal Archives, 361 Security, and, of course, the New American Perspective, as well as academic papers from conferences about Burke, Tocqueville, and Hobbes, my master's thesis on Plato, social media highlights, and media clippings from the Herald-Mail, the CBS Early Show, ABC News, columnist Gregory Kane, Andrew Sullivan in the Atlantic, NPR, and more.

The book is only $11.99, is a little under 300 pages, and features a sleek cover design with art by my best friend Jenna Line, whose work was featured as an exhibit by the Washington County [MD] Arts Council in 2017.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Alex Knepper